Thailand Condo Investments – Bangkok & Pattaya Condo Investment

The Kingdom of Thailand is an intoxicating mix of contradictions. Serene Buddhist temples and devout, robed monks create a stark contrast to the chaotic mass of Tuk-Tuk drivers and street sellers. Miles of white sandy beaches and lush tropical rainforests make this idyllic paradise an ideal choice for all.
The cutting edge mixed architectural design of Penthouse Condominium and Condominium brings a new level of style to urban living in the exciting cities of Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand.
Thailand Property Investments –  Investor Solutions

We are affiliate partner and as in-depth understanding of Thailand’s rapidly expanding property market, we use our local knowledge and experience to advise professional investors looking either to build and maintain a successful property portfolio or to maximize capital returns from early investment.

As Thailand’s  provider of property services to Developers, we have first-hand knowledge.

Once an Investment purchase has been made Thailand Property Investments continue to provide professional support to ensure any expected return is achieved. Whether the aim is capital return through resale or ongoing income through rental, we have a range of services tailor made for Investors.

Investors have a different perspective to purchasing than a normal buyer. An Investor needs to fully understand both the potential risks and the realistic returns of any project. Thailand Property Investments, as a trusted partner, presents the facts and figures from an Investor perspective enabling our Investment Customers to make informed decisions.

Pooling the buying power of all our Investor Customers and our close relationships with local, national and international developers, allow us to offer lucrative pre-release opportunities – available BEFORE local agents and the general public.

We  can provide further institutional investment for financing projects
Maximize your buying power by releasing equity in current assets
We present projects with clear guidance on risks and returns
We work with our customers using property investment to generate wealth

Re-Sales & Rentals

We have extensive list of approved National and International Agents and we can ensure the broadest exposure to your portfolio. All staff are fully trained in the development project and we are also in a position to help investors sell their properties, either before or after completion. Using our extensive client database and online showroom, we can match your investment property to a secondary purchaser and offer your property to our associated agents.

Thailand Property Investments is Thai brand of our company European Assets Investment Co. Ltd, registered in British Virgin Island. We are on the market from 2007 .